Welcome to our Mission Community!

We are 13 congregations sharing and exploring our Christian faith with each other and the communities. 

Why is it called the Binsey Mission Community?

Binsey is a beautiful mountain in the northern Lakes and is visible from all 13 churches in our Mission Community.

The Friends of the Connection logo
Church member Richard Cox and friends are cycling from Lincoln to London again this year to raise money for The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, a charity which works hard to prevent homelessness and also strives to reintegrate homeless people successfully back into society.
The Connection at St Martin’s works with over 3,000 homeless and vulnerable people from all over the UK, Europe and beyond who find themselves homeless in central London. From its central London base, The Connection operates a day centre, a night shelter, a nightly outreach team, practical help on housing, health and benefits, help towards volunteering, training and employment opportunities, and confidence-building creative activities.
Richard says – Any donation, however small, gratefully received. Thank you!

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